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Photo of Sukhy B

Sukhy – New family member

I’m Sukhy B.

I’m 39 and live in London with my family and have a wonderful support system around me.

Career: I have mostly worked in Customer Services but was beginning a career in Teaching when I was diagnosed.

In 2019 I was given the news that I had primary breast cancer.  After multiple sessions of chemotherapy, radiation and many surgeries I was finally signed off from oncology in March 2022.  Unfortunately, it was confirmed that my cancer had returned less than 6 months later, in August 2022, in liver and my bones.

What does the foundation mean to me?

When I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer I felt that I had been kicked out of my friendship group and needed a new type of support.  I’ve found that in the foundation and am incredibly grateful that we, together, will be able to support other people that are given the news of a secondary breast cancer diagnosis.