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Friendship & Support

We welcome you to our Fighting to be Heard Facebook support group.

This group has been created off the back of our new charity.  We thought it would be nice to create a place for people to chat and share experiences. 

We have decided to welcome secondary breast cancer patients, relatives, and close friends to the group. This group is private, so others on your social media wont see anything posted. 

Also, feel free to post anonymously if you have a sensitive question. 

We will also share news and events that you are all welcome to join.

Please follow any rules we set and always be respectful of each other. Thank you for joining; we look forward to getting to know you all. 

Also, we would like to share that because it is run by patients, there may be days we don’t reply but rest assured, we will endeavour to reply sooner rather than later.

To join the group, click here.

Are you a Secondary patient who wants to connect with our founders?

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