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“Fighting to be Heard”: A Tribute to Resilience

The book “Fighting to be Heard” chronicles the profound journey of twenty extraordinary women who boldly stood together to amplify the voice of breast cancer awareness. In 2021, these resilient individuals, confronting the challenges of incurable secondary breast cancer, converged in Liverpool to immortalise their strength in a campaign image for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This initiative was commissioned by Lisa Fleming, founder of Make 2nds Count for Kathryn Gordon Orr, to develop a hard-hitting campaign, and assigned the task to her friends, the esteemed Sane Seven, campaign photographers.  The campaign was seen by millions thanks to the support of Clear Channel, featuring on billboards across the UK and ITV.

“As I clicked the shutter on ‘Fighting to be Heard,’ I couldn’t help but feel the weight of what these 20 women represented… #fightingtobeheard is more than just a campaign. It’s a reminder that these women are living, breathing stories of resilience, with a chance for change.” – Sane Seven.

Within a year, the profound impact of the campaign image unfolded before our eyes. As the statistics unravelled, we tragically lost five of the twenty remarkable women captured in the poignant photograph. 

This heart-wrenching reality only deepened the significance of the image, transforming it into a symbol of resilience and determination in the face of adversity. 

Campaign for Make 2nds Count secondary breast cancer charity. Photographer: Sane Seven

A Journey of Strength and Solidarity

All the women in the picture are founders, and more friends from across the UK have joined us on our journey. Among them, two remarkable patients, Gill Cory and Kate Rackham, alongside Chair Kathryn Gordon Orr, played pivotal roles in bringing the charity to fruition. Within an astonishingly short period, the charity “Fighting to be Heard” was established, driven by their unwavering vision.

With a clear mission: to foster friendship, a unified voice, and provide crucial financial support for those facing incurable secondary breast cancer.  Despite the profound loss, the enduring bonds of camaraderie and support depicted within the book’s pages stand as a testament to the strength and unity of these incredible individuals.

Emily: Our First Loss – Leaving Behind Three Girls Under 10, Her Youngest Just 3

Nina, Emily’s mother, tenderly reflects in her chapter on her daughter’s indomitable spirit and the poignant words of her youngest, Anni, longing for her mother’s return. Emily’s legacy endures through the love she shared and the memories she created, forever cherished by her three precious daughters.

“Emily was the most amazing daughter, sister, friend, and the best mummy ever. She gave so much love to everyone she met. I asked her girls if they could talk to her or write a letter; what would they say? Anni, aged 5, expressed, ‘I love you; I’ve made meatballs for tea and baked cakes with the nanny. My favourite colour is pink and also white … It’s the same colour as mummy’s angel wings … if I could wave a wand I’d say ‘mummy come back’.” – Nina, Emily’s Mum.  

Liverpool’s Suzanne Williamson: A Legacy of Courage

Suzanne Williamson’s indomitable spirit and unwavering humor shine brightly within the pages of “Fighting to be Heard.” Her journey chronicled with candor and laughter, serves as an inspiration to all. 

“Absolute madness is this journey… but I’ve got this. Having a best friend who is a hairdresser is amazing! I’m collecting my hair in a Co-op 100% compostable bag haha! Sad that It can’t be donated though. It is fab if I do say so myself.” – Suzanne Williamson.

Dean, Suzanne’s brother, eloquently captures her essence: 

“My sister was a warrior, and I was constantly amazed by her strength and positivity. From now on, her legacy will be – when you think of any acts of determination and bravery, think that’s ‘So Suzanne’.”

A Beacon of Hope: The Birth of a Charity

The genesis of the charity was swift, guided by the determination of Gill Cory, Kate Rackham, Kathryn Gordon Orr (Chair), and Euan Fleming, who established its legal status for which we are forever grateful. With the invaluable support of Seema Malhotra, a dear friend, the charity was launched on TV’s Real Housewives of Cheshire.  To date, we have supported over 100 families financially, and our support group has reached thousands of SBC patients to date.

Take Action: Be Part of the Change 

This poignant narrative is being compiled by Liverpool author Angela Preston and our Chair, Kathryn. The book will be finalised by the end of April and ready for sale soon after.  Secure your copy by joining our pre-order list through the provided QR code and submitting your email. Every purchase directly supports individuals living with incurable secondary breast cancer. 

Angela Preston, Author 

“When Kathryn asked me about working with the ladies to put their stories and the birth of the charity together in the form of a book, I didn’t think twice.  Every one of us deserves to have our voice heard when we have a message we want to share, and the stories in this book will show the fighting spirit they all have and the courage and resilience they have all been blessed with.  Every story is different; it may be one book, but it is twenty-five incredible stories of truly indomitable warriors who will no longer fight to be heard.   Throughout the pages, their voices and journeys will give hope to those who will walk this difficult path after them. Their strength to get through their tough battle is the epitome of what a warrior looks like.” 

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