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Meet the F2bH Founders

Emily Roberts

Age: 30
Family: Mum to 3 girls Isla (11), Edie (6) and Anni (5)
Occupation: NHS Admin 

Emily was diagnosed at the end of July 2020 with Breast cancer and then, 3 weeks, later spots on her liver; this being a secondary diagnosis. By June 2021, the cancer had spread to her spine and by October 2021 it had spread to Emily’s lymph nodes. Emily’s Mum, Nina, remembers Emily for her devoted love to her girls and her love for animals, music and dancing. Emily was the most kind, selfless, vibrant, generous, life loving person you could meet. Her smile lit up any room.

Despite having various treatments including, chemotherapy, alternative treatments, covid and 2 bouts of sepsis, Emily put her girls before everything and her cause to raise vital funds for secondary breast cancer support groups and charities, organising events and gifts, even from her hospital bed.

Sadly, on the 7th February 2022, Emily was found unconscious by her Mum and she passed away later that day with all her family at her bedside. Unbeknown to Emily and her family, the cancer had spread to her brain causing a huge haemorrhage.

 Emily felt passionate about helping the secondary breast cancer community and was thrilled to be a part of the Fighting to be Heard Campaign. Unfortunately, she never got to see how big the campaign was to become. Her Mum Nina calls Emily “Her Hero”, and is so proud that Emily is still included in Fighting to be Heard, alongside us all, despite her passing. This is Emily’s legacy for her daughters.

Cathy Snape

Age: 57
Family: Married to Sean. Mother and step mum to 4; Grandma to 2

Diagnosed with Secondary Breast Cancer metastasised to Liver in February 2021 after finding a lump in her armpit.

Cathy responded really well to initial treatment, all tumours and lesions significantly shrunk to the point they became very hard to detect.

Sadly, Cancer cells evaded the blood marker detectors in the regular routine blood tests and, after falling seriously ill with breathing difficulties in March, subsequent scans and MRI showed lung, spine, brain and new liver lesions had colonised.

An MRI and CAT scan in December had been clear, a decision was made to rely on the blood tests and to enjoy the success of the initial treatment, there was no sign of any issues for concern.

Cathy was too ill by March with breathing difficulties to receive any treatment options; palliative care was initiated at home, though most of her last few weeks were spent in hospital due to lung failure.

Cathy passed away, after organising her affairs, picking her playlist and order of service as best as she could.  We said goodbye, but not before she’d organised for the children to go away for the day to celebrate our granddaughter’s birthday…I’m sure to spare them the finality of her passing.

Suzanne Williamson Cavanagh

Age: 41
Family:  Husband John , Devoted Mum and Dad Tommy & Geraldine, Step-mum to Keiran.
Occupation: Worked for HMRC 

Diagnosed age 38 with Metastatic breast cancer.

Fighting to be heard meant so much to her and she stood shoulder to shoulder with her girls to make a difference.

Suzanne’s family and friends raised £1200 to enable the group to come together on March 14th by funding hotel rooms and travel.

Sally Ann Nyland

Age: 46
Married to Steve, with two boys, James 21 and Joe 19.
Occupation: Sally spent her life as a family visitor for the local council looking after young vulnerable families, a job she which she was passionate about.

Sally was diagnosed originally with triple negative breast cancer in 2019, then it returned after chemotherapy, radiotherapy and breast removal 18 months later.

Her fight to be heard for change and for the future of those to come after was Sally’s priority. She wanted to support the underdog and the Fighting to be Heard Foundation is carrying out her wishes to support those in financial crisis and reaching out to those in isolation.

Vicki Keating

Age: 32
Occupation: Chef
Family: Partner of Gavin Flower. Children Grayson aged 12 and Rey aged 4.   

Diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in 2018. Followed by a secondary diagnosis in 2020. Initially in the lung then the brain. 

Fighting to be heard would have been so important to Vicki. She was a huge advocate for a lot of us. She would always encourage people to shout and fight for what they deserve. Vicki was failed by her hospital but she was always researching and looking for more options. She had a heart of gold.

Kate Rackham – Trustee

Age: 45
Family: Husband – Mark, Daughters – Ruby (11) and Nancy (9)
Occupation: Teacher

Diagnosed aged 39 with oestrogen-receptive breast cancer. I had no risk factors. My aim is to raise awareness in a bid that no one else goes through what we are all going through. And if they are, that there is a strong network of support to help.

Gill Cory – Trustee

Age: 59
Family: Married to Alan. Two Children: Rachel 32yrs, Jonathan 28 yrs and two grandchildren: Leo 5yrs and Mabel 6 months
Occupation: Compliance Advisor

Diagnosed with Secondary Breast Cancer in 2019. Our exciting new charity will be a source of advice and support for people with SBC, provided by people living with SBC who understand the daily challenges of this awful disease.

Nikki Williams – Trustee

Age: 49
Family: Fiancée to John, Mum to Jamie 24 & Charlotte 18
Occupation: Retired Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing Sister.

Cancer may have taken a lot from me, my health, my career, and my future plans but it has also given me a new outlook on life and some very special friends.

Setting up the Fighting to be heard charity means a lot to me because I want to be able to help other Secondary Breast Cancer patients and their families through emotional support and advocacy.

Lisa Danielle Jones – Trustee

Age: 37
Family: Marries to Rob. And have 3 girls. Louisa 15, Sasha 14 and Aria 6
Occupation: Early years worker/manager

Diagnosed with stage 1 cervical cancer in 2017. All clear following a hysterectomy.

2nd diagnosis primary stage 1 triple negative breast cancer 2018. Surgery and chemo. 

3rd diagnosis is stage 4 incurable breast cancer. Still triple negative. 2020. Chemo and immunotherapy and currently NED. 

Also, BRCA2 + for which I’ve had a bilateral mastectomy with diep reconstruction and oopherectomy. 

Fighting to be heard is very special to me as I’ve always voiced that finding my community has saved me mentally. And that’s what I’d like to offer to more people who may be struggling. Not only patients, but I think its really important to support the family and friends of stage 4 cancer patients. 

Katie Enell – Trustee

Age: 30
Family: Mum to Theo aged 8 and fiancé to Liam
Occupation: Restaurant manager before my diagnosis now work in a deli for the same employer.

In July 2021 diagnosed at age 28 straight to stage 4 (secondary breast cancer) that had already spread to my liver, bones, and brain before being detected. The foundation has given me a focus to help as many people as possible to know they are not alone.

Kimberly Noble – Trustee

Age: 44 
Family: husband Sean and son Charlie aged 7 
Occupation: Hairdresser 

I was diagnosed with secondary metastatic breast cancer in February 2020 in my neck (nodes) I underwent 15 rounds of radiotherapy and have since had stable scans.  The support I’ve received from the ladies since the first shoot has been unbelievable and we would love to share this support with everyone who needs it.

Roisìn Pelan

Age: 41 from Preston in Lancashire.
Family: Married with two children

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in pregnancy at the age of 32. I managed to get into remission for almost 3 years but was then diagnosed with secondaries to my neck. I was told to aim for three years but I’ve been thriving on treatment for over five years now and I don’t intend on going anywhere!

I’m passionate about spreading awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer during and after pregnancy and I recently created an info booklet with the help of an NHS professional which is now in circulation throughout the UK.

Occupation: I also have a small business ( where I create gifts for people who have a serious illness or who are celebrating milestones 💘

I write a column for The Mirror where I talk about life with incurable breast cancer and shine a light on new treatments, info and most importantly HOPE! 💘

Jackie T

I’m 52, with wonderful parents, brother and sister-in-law, a beautiful cat and some amazing friends.

I’m medically retired, but previously worked in education.

I received my secondary diagnosis is 2019, a full 17 years after I had primary breast cancer. I couldn’t have been more surprised, as I thought cancer was part of my past, not my present. I’ve had surgery to remove a large area of metastatic diseased bone from my femur, which is why I use crutches or a wheelchair.

I’m looking forward to helping to raise awareness about secondary breast cancer, and to support other people affected by the disease. The strength we have amongst our secondary community is incredible, and I want to help share that with all who need it.

Lisa Fleming

Age: 39
Family: Husband Euan, son Cameron (10) and our cocker spaniel Bella
Occupation: Charity founder and campaigner 

Diagnosed with both primary and secondary breast cancer in 2017 at the age of 33 the disease had spread to every bone in my skeleton and my brain. 6 years, 14 surgeries and constant chemotherapy later – I’m still here living life! 

Having created the Fighting to be Heard campaign in 2021 alongside Kathryn Orr, we set out wanting to raise the profile of secondary breast cancer and to change the narrative in the media by giving the women living with this disease a voice. 

Never did we think that the bonds formed through the campaign would lead to us uniting and the campaign becoming a charity in its own right. Focusing on providing financial support for those currently living with SBC we know how valuable this support will be. Our angels in the sky from the initial campaign will be so proud of what’s being achieved. This is for you girls. 

Sarah Larner

Age: 37
Family: Husband Kris, Daughter Sophie age 4
Occupation: Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist 

Diagnosed at age 34 with incurable cancer, the thought of leaving Sophie without a mummy is terrifying. Fighting to be heard is strong women coming together to support each other and make a change for those living with incurable breast cancer.

Lisa Luxe (Fry)

Age: 43
Family: Single Mummy to 4 children
Occupation: Personal Stylist/ Personal Trainer 

Diagnosed 12 years ago in 2011 with stage 3 breast cancer with 3 children under 5 years old.
Diagnosed with stage 4 cancer with Mets to the bone, 5 years ago in 2017 while pregnant with my 4th child

Being a part of the fighting to be heard foundation is about being around others that simply “get it.” 

We have a big understanding of what each other is going through,

We are here to support and offer guidance, and we want to branch that out to everyone with cancer but also including family & friends as cancer affects everyone involved go through. 

Lizzie England

Age: 32
Family: Mum of 3 beautiful children, aged 3, 4 and 10. Married to Husband Taylor.
retired Police Officer

First diagnosed in 2019 whilst pregnant with third child.

Underwent treatment throughout her pregnancy, delivered Violet safely in 2020, continues with treatment where she reached NED in June 2020. 

Diagnosed with secondaries in July 2021 a day after her 31st birthday. It took a long time to get diagnosed, the pain was dismissed for a long time as wear and tear, or being too young for metastatic breast cancer despite being diagnosed with primary BC at the age of 29. 

Lizzi lives with secondaries in her bone, that being her spine, pelvis and sternum. 

She’s on palliative cancer treatment, desperate to live life as normal as possible

Apart from her children one of her greatest achievements was being a serving front line Police officer. However has recently had to make the tough decision to be medically retired. 

Since then she started creating a number of small personalised gifts and named the business after her two daughters – Violet Ivy Gifts. Since then she has expanded on the range and now offers a multitude of cute colourful gifts to suit anyone and everyone. Since starting in April 2022 it has gone from strength to strength. Not only does this provide a source of income to a family of five but it also gives Lizzi that much needed normality, sense of purpose and something to strive for.

Natalie Edwards White

Age: 37
Family: mum to George 9 and Henry 8.
Occupation: Customer Manager for a large FM/Construction Company

Cancer doesn’t define me; I’m learning to live alongside my hijacker. It’s easy to be sucked into a world full of negativity when first diagnosed. Avoid at all costs. We’re living longer and this is because of more treatment options available which need to be continued. Find yourself people that ‘get’ your situation – FTBH will help with this.

Lesley Graney

Aged: 52
Married to Jack and have 2 children Mackenzie 14 and Ailsa 11

Originally from Barnsley but settled on the south coast in Shoreham by Sea with my lovely family

I was diagnosed with secondary in August 2018 

I am a performing arts teacher and still work as well as the founder of Random Acts of Nonsense. Which encourages people to be a bit daft and silly as part of supporting their mental health.

“Fighting to be Heard” campaign and now charity is so important. 32 women will die today and every day in the UK to this disease, these are our friends, family our lives ones. For them and for all who is affected by secondary breast we are “Fighting to be Heard”.

Laura Bailey

Age: 41 

Family – 3 kids 1 husband diagnosed just after daughters 1st birthday in june 2017 with primary stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer then after chemo radiotherapy and surgery I was diagnosed with Secondary Breast cancer.

Jeannie Ambrose

Age: 51
Date of diagnosis: May 2019
Family: Husband Reuben, Son Boe 21, Daughter Eva 18
Occupation: Chartered Construction Manager

I am fighting to be heard for more research for secondary breast cancer treatments. Fighting so we can live with chronic illness and not incurable disease. Access to support and friendship for those now and for those to come.

Fran Whitfield

Oge Onwuachu – Trustee – New family member

Helena Awuakye – New family member

Age: 47 
Family: I have 1 son aged 22
Occupation: Dentist

I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, July 31st, 2021. I felt my world had fallen apart. It’s been just over a year since completing my chemotherapy, and I am still undergoing treatment but feel well and staying positive. It’s great to be part of a group of women who have an understanding of what you are going through.

Sukhy – New family member

I’m Sukhy B.

I’m 39 and live in London with my family and have a wonderful support system around me.

Career: I have mostly worked in Customer Services but was beginning a career in Teaching when I was diagnosed.

In 2019 I was given the news that I had primary breast cancer.  After multiple sessions of chemotherapy, radiation and many surgeries I was finally signed off from oncology in March 2022.  Unfortunately, it was confirmed that my cancer had returned less than 6 months later, in August 2022, in liver and my bones.

What does the foundation mean to me?

When I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer I felt that I had been kicked out of my friendship group and needed a new type of support.  I’ve found that in the foundation and am incredibly grateful that we, together, will be able to support other people that are given the news of a secondary breast cancer diagnosis.

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