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Photo of Roisìn Pelan

Roisìn Pelan

Age: 41 from Preston in Lancashire.
Family: Married with two children

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in pregnancy at the age of 32. I managed to get into remission for almost 3 years but was then diagnosed with secondaries to my neck. I was told to aim for three years but I’ve been thriving on treatment for over five years now and I don’t intend on going anywhere!

I’m passionate about spreading awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer during and after pregnancy and I recently created an info booklet with the help of an NHS professional which is now in circulation throughout the UK.

Occupation: I also have a small business ( where I create gifts for people who have a serious illness or who are celebrating milestones 💘

I write a column for The Mirror where I talk about life with incurable breast cancer and shine a light on new treatments, info and most importantly HOPE! 💘