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Photo of Lizzie England

Lizzie England

Age: 32
Family: Mum of 3 beautiful children, aged 3, 4 and 10. Married to Husband Taylor.
retired Police Officer

First diagnosed in 2019 whilst pregnant with third child.

Underwent treatment throughout her pregnancy, delivered Violet safely in 2020, continues with treatment where she reached NED in June 2020. 

Diagnosed with secondaries in July 2021 a day after her 31st birthday. It took a long time to get diagnosed, the pain was dismissed for a long time as wear and tear, or being too young for metastatic breast cancer despite being diagnosed with primary BC at the age of 29. 

Lizzi lives with secondaries in her bone, that being her spine, pelvis and sternum. 

She’s on palliative cancer treatment, desperate to live life as normal as possible

Apart from her children one of her greatest achievements was being a serving front line Police officer. However has recently had to make the tough decision to be medically retired. 

Since then she started creating a number of small personalised gifts and named the business after her two daughters – Violet Ivy Gifts. Since then she has expanded on the range and now offers a multitude of cute colourful gifts to suit anyone and everyone. Since starting in April 2022 it has gone from strength to strength. Not only does this provide a source of income to a family of five but it also gives Lizzi that much needed normality, sense of purpose and something to strive for.