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Photograph of Lisa Jones

Lisa Danielle Jones – Trustee

Age: 37
Family: Marries to Rob. And have 3 girls. Louisa 15, Sasha 14 and Aria 6
Occupation: Early years worker/manager

Diagnosed with stage 1 cervical cancer in 2017. All clear following a hysterectomy.

2nd diagnosis primary stage 1 triple negative breast cancer 2018. Surgery and chemo. 

3rd diagnosis is stage 4 incurable breast cancer. Still triple negative. 2020. Chemo and immunotherapy and currently NED. 

Also, BRCA2 + for which I’ve had a bilateral mastectomy with diep reconstruction and oopherectomy. 

Fighting to be heard is very special to me as I’ve always voiced that finding my community has saved me mentally. And that’s what I’d like to offer to more people who may be struggling. Not only patients, but I think its really important to support the family and friends of stage 4 cancer patients.