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Photograph of Cathy Snape

Cathy Snape

Age: 57
Family: Married to Sean. Mother and step mum to 4; Grandma to 2

Diagnosed with Secondary Breast Cancer metastasised to Liver in February 2021 after finding a lump in her armpit.

Cathy responded really well to initial treatment, all tumours and lesions significantly shrunk to the point they became very hard to detect.

Sadly, Cancer cells evaded the blood marker detectors in the regular routine blood tests and, after falling seriously ill with breathing difficulties in March, subsequent scans and MRI showed lung, spine, brain and new liver lesions had colonised.

An MRI and CAT scan in December had been clear, a decision was made to rely on the blood tests and to enjoy the success of the initial treatment, there was no sign of any issues for concern.

Cathy was too ill by March with breathing difficulties to receive any treatment options; palliative care was initiated at home, though most of her last few weeks were spent in hospital due to lung failure.

Cathy passed away, after organising her affairs, picking her playlist and order of service as best as she could.  We said goodbye, but not before she’d organised for the children to go away for the day to celebrate our granddaughter’s birthday…I’m sure to spare them the finality of her passing.